If you’re using the Outlook application, and while searching for an email using the Search option, you notice more than one email that has the same identifier is the result.

You’re confused at this point and you realize that you have duplicate email messages in your Outlook inbox! It’s quite difficult to deal with an entire mailbox of identical emails since one could be confused about the correct email, and it can increase the size of your mailbox to a higher dimension.

There are many reasons for duplication of Outlook items in the file, for instance: the incorrect settings for Outlook guidelines, Antivirus program interference, Outlook synchronization with other devices, an incorrect mailbox configuration, short Send/Receive intervals, damaged emails and incorrect Outlook account settings, etc. The duplication of Outlook items could alter your Outlook database in a variety of ways such as:

  • The Search option takes more time than usual to go through the amount of duplicates in one search.
  • The size of your mailbox grows with many duplicate items, which hinders Outlook’s performance. Outlook
  • Causes a lot of confusion for Outlook user to use email effectively
  • Impacts the Outlook performance and productivity , slowing down the entire process
  • Outlook takes longer to complete actions with the hang and problems with freezing when there is smaller storage space.

In the case of severe instances of duplicate items within the Outlook software, PST file corruption is the most severe scenario. This is why it is necessary to remove this problem that has duplicates before it turns into an even bigger problem and within shorter time, the most severe scenario. In this blog, you will find ways to eliminate duplicate items from the Outlook application.

Eliminate Duplicate Items from MS Outlook

In order to address the issue of duplicate items there are a few options to end the growing process or getting rid of duplicates in your Outlook application. Let’s discuss about them individually.

The frequency to which emails to your inbox.

The method is a possibility since short frequencies can cause the duplication of data due to the inability to synchronize. Therefore, the goal here is to boost the frequency of the inbox updates. To accomplish this, follow these steps listed below in order:

Start the Outlook 2016 app. Select the Send/Receive option. select the Define groups to send or receive option and then change the value for “Schedule an automated send/receive every option’ for up to 30 minutes (say up to 30 minutes) time frame.

It sets the ideal frequency range and maintains an accurate synchronization.

Configuring the Outlook rules correctly

Verify that you can determine if the Outlook rules are correctly configured. If not, make sure you configure it correctly because improper configuration causes problems with email folders , and can lead to duplicate mailbox items.

Try turning off Email Protection

Examine whether you can determine if the Outlook rules are correctly set up or not. If not, attempt to configure it in a way that is accurate since improper configuration can cause issues with email folders, and can lead to duplicate mailbox items.

Utilizing Clean Up feature in Outlook

Also, as mentioned previously that the antivirus program you have installed is able to intercept other applications that run on your systems like Outlook. Therefore, you should test disabling the email protection of the Anti-virus by studying its instruction manual.

Then, you can use the Send/Receive to look for any additional duplicates that were that are received by Outlook. If all is well then start the Anti-virus program and again.

  1. Begin by opening using the Microsoft Outlook application.
    1. Select the inbox folder of your mailbox where you would like to eliminate duplicate items. Navigate into the menu Home. From there, click the Clean up option. It will show three choices:

Clean up conversation – It eliminates duplicates from conversations and relocates them into the Deleted Items folder.

Clean-Up Folder It removes duplicate items in a specified folder

Clean up Subfolders and Folders – It eliminates duplicate items from subfolders and folders that are specific to the folder.

Choose any option and remove any duplicates.

  • As the deleted items are transferred in that folder Deleted Folder within the mailbox, right-click it and select the empty folder option from there.

The duplicates are permanently deleted from Outlook mailbox.

There is a different method to get rid of duplicates from the PST file. This is by importing the PST file with the Import/Export feature of Outlook. Go to File > Open & Export > Import/Export. Select Import from a different program or file , and then select the Outlook Data files (.pst) choice. After that, browse and import to the PST file. After that, you have another option available during the import process , where you can remove duplicates from your PST file prior to import.

Automated and smart third-party tools

If the number of duplicate items within Outlook is large There is a good chance of corruption occurring in Outlook PST file. Therefore, the best method to ensure completely free and speedy elimination of duplicate items out of Outlook. Outlook application is to use an appropriate third-party program. Outlook PST Repair tool can repair the damaged PST or OST files in Outlook and then saves files according to user needs. It has filters to save desired data exclusively to the desired destination. Users are able to choose to exclude duplicate items too. But, you are able to move Outlook information into Office 365, Exchange and other destinations. This tool is compatible with every Microsoft Outlook and Windows Operating System version.

The above manual techniques that are, in some cases, tedious and time-consuming, they are not able to detect duplicates, and are ineffective generally are only effective when the problem of duplicate items hasn’t grown significantly. The most damaging instances are those where the PST file is corrupted because of Outlook slower performance or issues caused by duplicates. It is recommended to use a third-party solution, as described in the previous paragraph to receive the immediate results. The software restores all PST data after repair with the least amount of time and to the desired destinations. It also guarantees 100% accuracy and security of the data when performing the repair.

Final Words

The readers have been provided with information on the issue of duplicate emails within Outlook. The readers will learn about the issue of duplicate emails in Outlook application, the effects it has on users and the strategies they can employ to have duplicate emails removed completely from Outlook application. A professional program is recommended in the case where due to duplicate emails that the PST file becomes corrupted.

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