Transition Solutions has been helping human resources professionals navigate workforce changes for over 30 years.

For HR leaders and business owners, the past 18 months have been extremely challenging. Many HR leaders are now turning to better data and technology Trends to help them make changes in the workplace.

Technology Trends

A permanent switch to remote and hybrid teams

It seems likely that hybrid work schedules will become the norm. Nearly 79% of executives say they will allow their teams to alternate between the office and remote work. This is a significant shift for HR departments, who must now support staff within a completely new environment.

Applications like ESS portals will become more important than ever. When leading a hybrid team, leaders must be trained in performance management techniques. This will result in a greater dependence on cloud-based systems for daily admin work. Remote screening and onboarding of candidates will become an integral part of the job.

AI is helping with recruitment. AI is slowly becoming a part of daily life. Nearly half of workers use some form of AI at work. 65% are excited about the possibilities of artificial intelligence. AI’s main application for HR professionals is candidate screening. ATS platforms already use AI for screening resumes, and automated Chatbots can handle common questions from applicants. While AI technology will improve over the next year, HR professionals need to monitor the recruitment process to reduce bias.

Human Resources plays an important role in cyber security

Remote working, unfortunately, also means a greater number of cyber security threats. Nearly 55% of remote workers encountered a cyber-security problem last year. Phishing and malware are the most prevalent threats. Remote HR professionals are often responsible for sensitive employee data. This makes them easy targets for hackers. When working remotely, all HR departments must adhere to strict security protocols. The HR team plays a crucial role in ensuring that everyone is safe when working remotely.

An increase in automation

Automation isn’t a panacea. Automation can also present problems. It can be not easy to work in an automated environment. This could lead to biases against those with less technical skills. HR software will monitor this situation and support people with their training and development. This could allow people to concentrate on strategic HR functions like improving employee engagement.

C-Suite will ask for more People data.

HR leaders will have to provide more strategic data toward a data-driven world. HR teams will need to perform data analytics and business intelligence. Many HR departments already provide accessible, useful reports to the CSU. These HR leaders realize that they are now playing an important role in the organization’s strategy.

Technology makes it easier to do work

Some people have struggled with traditional working methods. Although most employers strive to make their offices accessible, barriers still exist for Americans with disabilities. Employers have been slow to embrace remote work, even though it is the obvious solution. Remote work is now commonplace, and all are welcome to it.

Human touch is more important than ever.

HR tech allows teams to do more with less. There will never be another HR professional that is as compassionate and knowledgeable as one who understands people. Around 36% of employees have reported a decline in mental health over the past year. HR should intervene with Employee Assistance Programs and pulse surveys.

Business leaders and HR professionals will need to access more data and technology to manage workforce changes. Transition Solutions is an expert in helping clients navigate career transitions and workforce changes. Our customized and personalized approach is tailored to each situation. We are known for delivering outstanding service at a great value.


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