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Golf swings can fail for several reasons. The golf swing sequence is a complex one, yet many players make mistakes even before they begin to return the club to its original position. Your chances of a good swing increase if you get your grip and golf ball position right at the address. You can benefit from the ideal ball position with your ball-striking abilities and accuracy. The article below shows how to position the ball with your clubs, from your short irons to your driver.

You can check your golf ball position before swinging. When you do it correctly, the odds of you hitting an excellent golf shot will increase. It is more complicated than it seems to place the golf ball correctly on the green during a round of golf. Are you aware that it depends on your club and the shot type you are hitting?

You needn’t worry – we’re here to help. The following paragraphs explore the proper golf ball position when hitting your shots and using your clubs. You can eliminate one variable from your pre-shot checklist by adding “golf ball position” to it.

Basics Of Ball Position In Golf Game

To begin, let’s define a few terms. Our discussion of golf ball position will refer to three areas of your stance: front, middle, and back. Those are the golf ball position areas in your stance.

golf ball position

As a leftie, we will reverse this instruction. We are describing the placement of the golf ball for right-handed players. Suppose you’re standing in a golf ball position, your front stance in golf would be aligned with your left foot or close to it, and your back stance in golf would be towards your right foot.

A typical stance would include a center-of-emphasis stance roughly in the middle of your left and right foot (slightly closer to the left foot). Let’s define the terms to understand the various clubs in your bag better.

●     The Big Dog

We all want the ‘big dog’ to eat, but getting the most out of your tee shots requires appropriate ball placement. When discussing the best way to hit your driver, golf instructors often use the phrase “tee it high and let it fly.”.

Despite that, one crucial point you may have missed is that your golf ball comes to the front of your stance when you hit a driver. Take note of the PGA and LPGA tour players – many tees the ball with their left foot.

●     Putting Golf Balls For Irons

For irons, you have a little more to think about – your ball placement will vary depending on the club you choose. The simple rule is to place your ball forward in your stance (towards your left foot) the longer the club.

Golf balls should be near your left foot when hitting a 3-iron or hybrid. The middle of your stance would be closer to an 8-iron shot. You should never position the ball behind the middle of your stance unless you are going for a “fancy” shot.

Keep the position of the golf ball in mind when hitting approach shots. Make sure you set up your club correctly when you select it. You can blade or top iron shots by incorrectly positioning the golf ball.

●     Be creative

No unbreakable rules are associated with your golf ball’s position when using the putter. When putting, most golfers place their ball in the middle of their stance; however, if you can make more putts by placing the ball forward, go ahead!

The ball can be placed in many places when putting it, but we don’t recommend putting it back into your golf stance. As you are back in your stance, you will close your eyes, which will cause you to pull the ball and cause it to jump. To put it smoothly, you should close your eyes as you roll the ball.

  • Getting The Ball Moving

A golfer’s goal is to hit a ball in the hole. Getting better! Lower your golf handicap by reducing your average score. Golf ball workability is one thing you’ll notice about experienced players. Their ability to hit draws fades, and high and low balls can be activated anytime.

Because it provides options, the key to becoming a scratch golfer is being able to hit low balls into the wind or draw them around trees. Options always come in handy at the golf clubs.

Practice Ball Position Drills

Trying out different ball positions and recording your results is the best way to become familiar with ball positions. To become second nature, you need to practice hitting the ball in the right place over and over again. Your muscles will be your best friend in this department.

●     String Drill

For a better understanding of where these positions are located,

  1. Take a roll of string and cut a few 1-2 foot pieces out.
  2. You should then divide your stance into four sections when you are at the driving range. Each line represents a ball position.
  3. In this way, your ball position will automatically become natural when you practice.

The front sections can be divided again after you’ve mastered the drill. You’ll then have five forward positions available to you that will allow you to use them fully. Your consistency and accuracy will allow you to make all the shots required in the game of golf easier.


Many of my articles have stressed that getting set up correctly is crucial to a good golf swing. It is about intentionality and consistency that will help you if you have ever wondered where to put the ball in your stance.

As a result, you no longer have to worry about one more thing when you set up a golf ball since the motion you are used to is so normal. Moreover, flinging the ball forwards and backward is a great way to include different and unique shots into your game.

There is no doubt that golf is primarily a game of creativity and innovation in which the player must devise a shot and take it to a successful conclusion. To make that a reality, you can incorporate different ball positions in golf and into your swing, and by doing so, you get closer to bringing it to life.

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