Jira was introduced for the first time in 2002 and the twenty years of remarkable success defines its credibility as a project management and bug tracking software. Jira integrates a number of vital tools that can be used to improve the way you engage with your projects. On the other hand, Confluence software came into existence in 2004 and it is a web-based wiki designed to provide assistance for tasks related to project management. Each of the software platforms technical tools to simplify project management.

This guide will determine the difference between Jira pricing vs Confluence pricing based on their features.

Jira Features

1.   Project Flexibility

Jira aims to create a platform that can be customized to meet your project requirements. For instance, the workflows can be customized so that different types of work are supported. In addition, the projects can also be team-managed or company-managed so as to provide the level of assistance needed.

2.    Visual Project Management

Jira software has Scrum as well as Kanban that are usually preferred for project management. The central service provided by Scrum is to break-down assignments into smaller tasks that you can assign to team members with the right skills.

On the other hand, Kanban functions like a vision board for the team where the workflow presents the project information.

3.    Code Deployment

Since Jira is invested in providing bug tracking possible, you are able to access information within seconds. You can view repositories and make updates by adding an issue key, PR, or a branch name.

To check the development status through the development panel where you can also create branches, view commits, and pull requests.

Jira Demo

You can access a demo by filling in a request form for a live Q&A about the software and how it can be used for collaboration with your team successfully.

Confluence Features

1.    Data Base

Confluence understands the need to make document management easier and features like advanced search and page tree help you do just that. Furthermore, you can improve the way you interact with project management by using ready-made templates that can be customized for your documents and reports.

2.    Real-Time Collaborations

It can be easier to stay on the same page with your team members when you are able to co-edit details and publish them for the rest to see. Confluence software lets you edit and keep track of the document history to analyze the development.

Teams can leave comments for each other and interact through GIFs as well. And lastly, notifications and alerts also keep you updated.

Confluence Demo

Confluencedemo is available on their website in the form of a YouTube playlist.

Jira Pricing

Jira supports two types of billing cycles: monthly and annual.

Free Plan

Overall, you will find three times of pricing plans categorized as free, standard, and premium. The free plan is ideal for startups and it provides a focused set of useful tools. The user limit per site is 10 users maximum whereas the site limit is 1. Even the free plan provides two agile boards, i.e., Scrum and Kanban.

It enables customizable workflows in addition to app integrations so you can make the most out of your plan. There is also a control system in place with features like domain verification and also session duration management accessible through desktop. The security and compliance range also has disaster recovery and password policies to help you create the best product.

Standard Plan

On the other hand, Jira’s standard plan is generally helpful for businesses that have already gained some momentum in their growth. The standard plan costs $7 per user and it is billed at $75 on a monthly basis. Its distinct features include advanced permissions for admin control among others. In so far as security is concerned, you can access audit logs and provide anonymous access to users too. The standard plan supports 250GB of data storage space while the support is provided within local business hours.

Premium Plan

Meanwhile, the premium plan’s price is $14 and users are charged $145 per month. The premium price increases project efficiency with advanced access to roadmaps as well as dependency management. The automation process is applicable for global and multi-project levels. Furthermore, for premium users, project archiving and capacity planning are also possible.

Confluence Pricing

Three different plans are accommodated by Confluence pricing with option of monthly or annual billing cycles:

Free Plan

This payment plan’s site limit is one but it is able to provide access to ten users at a time. Management teams who wish to manage documents can optimize tools like page versioning and macros. One is useful for keeping track of history when edits are made to a document whereas the other provides real-time interaction space for team members. Some other benefits of this plan include a structured page tree, unlimited space and page creation, and a diverse template library.

Furthermore, mobile device management makes it easier to use and password policies ensure premium security.


The standard plan can be advantageous for growing teams who wish to collaborate on different projects. You can assign access to spaces and pages and in fact, revoke or modify them as well. These permission settings are not available on the free plan.

You can generate analysis of page views and comments to assess the engagement level and make accurate plans. In fact, you will receive data storage of 250GB to import and receive files and attachments. Some of the other features include data residency, audit logs, and anonymous access. This plan is charged $5 and it is billed for $55.

Premium Plan

The last pricing option is a premium plan that charges $10 per month. Its added benefits allow the option to bulk archive pages, inspect permissions, maintain Team Calendars, and provide better control of the team overall.

Brief Guide to Jira Pricing vs Confluence Pricing

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